Federal Mandate: Presidential Memorandum – Managing Government Records

By: In: Federal Government Records On: Dec 14, 2011
Federal Mandate: Presidential Memorandum – Managing Government Records

Making the federal government collaborative, transparent and participatory is an initiative that will define the Presidency of Barack Obama.  On his very first day in office, President Obama signed the Open Government Directive to promote “an unprecedented level of openness in Government.”  In a more recent effort to make government information more available, President Obama has sent a Memorandum that directs heads of federal agencies to improve their records management activities by moving from a paper-based system to electronic records.

“When records are well managed, agencies can use them to assess the impact of programs, to reduce redundant efforts, to save money, and to share knowledge within and across their organizations.  In these ways, proper records management is the backbone of open Government.”

The Management Directive will also focus on making government records management more cost-effective by improving efficiencies and employee productivity.  In a recent IDC survey on information management, 61% of government respondents indicated that the paper information they deal with is more burdensome than digital.  The research findings also show that if information contained in paper documents were available in digital formats, government workers would gain an average of 51 minutes a day. (Source: IDC Government Insights Cost of Too Much Information Survey, 2011)

“With proper planning, technology can make these records less burdensome to manage and easier to use and share,” Obama wrote.

President Obama does not want to wait for change, so his memorandum requires a number of concrete actions, including reports by each agency head within the next 120 days that include:

  • Plans for improving its records management program, including email and social media; and
  • Obstacles to the adoption of sound and cost effective records management policies.

I have 120 Days!  How do I get it done? When government entities look to modernize agency records management programs, it’s crucial to partner with a trusted provider with a history of expertise in records management and intelligent document conversion. Iron Mountain takes a consultative approach to individual agency environments to determine the best opportunities to deliver an efficient and cost-effective way to manage government records.

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