Managing Government Records: Achieving Sustainability Takes Partnership

By: In: Federal Government Records On: May 01, 2012
Managing Government Records: Achieving Sustainability Takes Partnership

Earth Day was April 22nd, but when you think about it, every day should be Earth Day. Being green in business and in federal records management is not a solo effort, strong partnership is a key to success. When I think about how Iron Mountain partners with the federal government, there are multiple places where we strive to be a partner, most that would not be obvious. We talk about this in depth in a article, Achieving Sustainability: It Takes a Partnership.

Iron Mountain has CFR 36 part 1234 compliant facilities, but beyond that we are green in how we build. Our lighting options that have low energy usage, and even our fire suppression system in or CFR facilities is green, as we will only spray water where a fire may occur. We’re being thoughtful about our records maintenance and conserving resources.

Our data center is a great example of how Iron Mountain can be a partner. We leverage our geothermic capabilities to the greatest extent, to save cost and natural resources. In the underground facility, we even use paint to maximize the emitted light and make the space seem brighter while using less energy. While federal agencies consider how the FDCCI will provide costs savings, consolidating is only one angle. What if existing facilities could cost less, and also be environmentally friendly?

Within our fleet, we are green in how we optimize our routes, but more than that we’re upgrading to lessen the emissions that our trucks create, while maximizing the load that each truck takes.

And of course, no conversation about being green would be complete without talking about shredding. We are the largest vendor to achieve AAA NAID certification for our information destruction practices, and we were the largest provider of shredded, recycled paper in North America in 2011.

I really could go on and on, but the article does a much better job describing how partnership can bring green to the next level (or should I say shade).


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