What If Your Software Developer Wins the Lottery and Heads to Tahiti?

By: In: Technology Escrow On: Jun 01, 2012

We all depend on technology to run our businesses. But what if your software developer isn’t able to support its product at some point in the future?

Check out this short (and humorous!) video below on software escrow and verification services.

The video will walk you through what software escrow is, how it works, and how escrow and verification services can provide protection for your intellectual property.

When you license technology, you need to really think about your developer and any additional risks they may introduce – especially if they are small or unproven company.

At Iron Mountain, we think about all the “what ifs” and make sure there are plans in place to handle every contingency. For instance, what if your developer is acquired or merges with another company? What if they go bankrupt? What if they decide to change their business model, and not support your software anymore? Or… what if your software developer wins the lottery and heads to Tahiti…?  Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

With Iron Mountain’s Escrow Services you can reduce the risks of licensing software and, consequently, help to ensure your own business continuity.

At Iron Mountain we think of every possible issue, and that’s why we offer escrow services. Watch the video and let us know what you think!


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