Existing Smart Phones’ IQ will Lose a Few Points in September

By: In: Data Management On: Sep 04, 2014

On September 9th, Apple will be holding its regularly scheduled product release, which will render working smart phones as suddenly obsolete or “not quite as smart.” The same will happen to iPads in October.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m as excited as the next person to get my hands on the new technology. I love every new version of these amazing new products I didn’t know I couldn’t live without. Siri is like an old friend who reminds me where I parked the car and whether I’ve got milk in the fridge. My iPad gave me an excuse to return to reading on my Kindle after my Kindle cord was chewed by a puppy and I never got around to replacing it. Moreover, as the mother of a special needs child, I am thrilled with the apps that facilitate communication between the alien world of the autistic child and neurotypicals (that’s what some call us – who knew?) These devices are accessible and intuitive, and those of us who have this way to finally communicate with our loved ones can’t imagine life without it.
Many places to purchase new smartphones do offer a trade-in. Don’t tell yourself you’ll shop around for the best trade-in or sell it on E-bay. Just stop by the store! The more days that pass, the less likely you are to responsibly dispose of your equipment. Take the time before going to “just look” at the new gadgets to backup your data to your home or office computer in the event you have the opportunity to trade in and up. Additionally, reclamation services for bulk trade-ins are offering good pricing now for a variety of smart phones. Iron Mountain offers a great opportunity to reclaim our clients’ equipment, erase the data so as not to allow for a data breach through Secure IT Asset Destruction, recycle it and pay clients fair market value or credit them for their assets.
Why is recycling important? Your smartphone and other smart devices contain precious metals which we need to keep new technology in business. The EPA has predicted that today, there are more precious metals above the earth than below it. In order to acquire new metals, we have to mine where we’ve avoided it due to fragile environments or inaccessible roads. Mining can take a terrible toll on areas such as the rain forest or mountainous ecosystems. Heavy machinery and excavation chase endangered animals out of their familiar habitat, and groundwater pollution is a common toxin if and when they return.
Back to the store… chances are you’re due for a new iPhone and you’ve been wondering about the iWatch. Be prepared. Back up your data on all your smart devices before venturing out for a “peek” – you’ll be doing endangered species a favor.

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