Beautiful Upcycling of IT Assets

By: In: SITAD On: Aug 28, 2014

In my quest for knowledge about e-waste, I often find striking art and repurposing of computer technology. This display is from a boutique hotel, the James, in NYC. No you aren’t imagining it; the wall is comprised completely out of keys from a LOT of old computer keyboards. PC and Mac.

Doesn’t it make you want to touch it?

Here at Iron Mountain, we’re committed to recycling, repurposing and securely disposing of e-waste. We believe in the kinds of projects shown above and the beauty they have to offer the world; however, we also understand the value of disposing of IT assets properly when no use can be found for them. Concentrating on removing all of your precious data from these assets  in a secure and ecologically-friendly way is top concern for us.

So, what have you done for the environment lately?

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