Englewood Hospital and Medical Center Selects Iron Mountain for Data Center Colocation

By: In: Data Centers On: Oct 27, 2014

Healthcare providers tell us to “know your numbers.” They should heed the same advice for their data centers.

Today I had my annual health screening. The screening consisted of the usual: height, weight, cholesterol test, etc. After the results were tallied, I spoke with an expert who explained the numbers. She repeated that I need to understand these numbers to stay healthy. And when one of the numbers is too high, I need to must make a change and take steps to remedy. This is good advice that can be leveraged in all sorts of constructive ways.

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center is one of Iron Mountain Data Centers’ new colocation customers. They understood their numbers and realized that the amount of data they needed to manage was causing an issue in for their data center deployment. Between Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology, a new picture archiving and communication system (PACS), plus a Vendor Neutral Archive, Englewood was dealing with a data growth issue that created capacity challenges for their internal data center. Realizing that their data center would soon be out of capacity, they evaluated the option of building a secondary site or data center colocation. From a capital expense perspective, colocation was the right approach, but the hospital needed a partner that could meet its compliance requirements. To remedy this, Englewood Hospital decided to lease data center space within Iron Mountain’s underground data center located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

EHRs and PACS are not the only culprits when it comes to creating data growth issues for Healthcare IT. Meaningful Use, ICD-10, and Accountable Care are also contributing to the problem. And the growth is only going to continue. Think about new trends like wearable healthcare devices tied to predictive analytics. How does Healthcare IT keep up? It’s not easy when the cost of deploying internal data centers can be overwhelming. With data center colocation, healthcare organizations can quickly scale to support future requirements.

Englewood Hospital understood their data growth challenge and took the right steps with data center colocation. To learn more about their decision to partner with Iron Mountain, please read our joint press release, and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about data center colocation.

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