Three Ways to Maximize Your POP Potential

By: In: Marketing Production and Fulfillment On: Aug 19, 2014

Sure, who doesn’t love the ease of online shopping: Look at some pictures, read some reviews, click and check out, right?

That’s great if I’m looking for replacement filter for my air cleaner. But when it comes to a big purchase, I will almost always go old-school. For instance, I recently decided to invest in a new professional-level camera. Though I started out doing my research and shopping online, I ultimately headed down to a local camera store to make a deal.

In-store camera displays are fantastic. Not only do they provide you with detailed information about the camera, but you can actually hold the unit, test its weight and snap some practice shots. The point-of-purchase (POP) display for my new Nikon D610 definitely made an impact on my decision to buy. In essence, it closed the sale.

Most consumers don’t think about what makes a POP display effective. You can be sure, though, that if a display is damaged, poorly updated or entirely AWOL, shoppers will head straight to a competitor’s product. That’s potentially hundreds of missed sales opportunities each day.

To maximize your POP retail opportunities, consider turning the process over to an experienced, point-of-purchase fulfillment services provider. Its experts can master these and other common issues:

1) Product-launch delays. If some POP display boxes go missing in the back room, or if a staffer can’t decipher the display’s complicated assembly instructions, it’s just not going to come together on time. A fulfillment partner can tackle these problems head-on. For example, it can design custom-color labeling so staff can easily locate each and every box. Inside those boxes, a fulfillment partner can provide custom, step-by-step instructions and schematics for quick display assembly.

2) Damaged displays. If displays continually arrive broken or dented, you have a packing problem. Do you need a custom-size box or special packing materials? A fulfillment provider can help fine-tune packing to ensure safe arrival.

3) Outdated displays. Are you using old displays to avoid the cost of designing and building new ones? Think green and recycle them instead. Your fulfillment provider can provide a kit customized to each retailer’s specifications—including new signage, cards, samples, products and even hangers to bring your information up to date—without the cost of a totally new display.

Your POP display must foster a truly personal customer experience. Nikon’s sure did. As I held that camera, I could easily imagine myself taking photos with it on vacations, holidays and other occasions. Thanks to a POP display that grabbed—and held—my attention, I was sold.

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