Geological Core Storage Facility Opening Soon

By: In: Energy On: Mar 17, 2015
Geological Core Storage Facility Opening Soon

I’m excited to share that on April 1st, Iron Mountain will open its doors to our first geological core storage facility in the U.S., located in Houston, Texas. We have similar facilities in Canada, the UK and Norway, and now we’re also in Houston’s Energy Corridor. We’re giving oil and gas professionals a chance to get the first look at the brand new facility, and you’re invited to join us for a complimentary tour and lunch on April 1st. Please RSVP for the tour today.

The more I’ve learned about core samples and cuttings, the better I understand the value of proper storage for core, and easy access for viewing. Core is rock that contains valuable clues about what’s beneath the earth’s surface, and those clues are crucial in identifying the best drilling targets and approaches, as well as which field assets might be worth re-exploring now, or possibly later, or perhaps selling or leasing. The clues contained in the core guide geologists and other geoscientists as they search for the best and quickest routes to oil and gas profits. Their decisions are data driven, and quick and easy access to their core samples is essential.

With low and tumultuous oil prices, the oil and gas landscape is more competitive than ever. It’s imperative to be strategic about how you spend your time and money.

Iron Mountain is well known for our expertise in storing information securely, and we’re not new to the oil and gas industry, or to the core storage business. Did you know that we store over 1 ¾ million cubic feet of drill core worldwide? Take 2 ½ minutes, now, to watch this short video about our new core storage facility in Houston. If your company stores core, on your own premises or with another vendor, find out what Iron Mountain has to offer. We think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. With us, you’ll maintain a high level of privacy and security for your core and cuttings, and you’ll be able to examine and analyze them whenever you need to, comfortably, with the equipment you need. We’ll lay out the material for your viewing and pack it up when you’re done. You do the big thinking…we do the heavy lifting. But don’t take my word for it – come see the facility for yourself on April 1st!

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