How Can Restoration Assurance Help IT?

By: In: Data Management On: Aug 13, 2015
How Can Restoration Assurance Help IT?

Companies large and small are making the move to cloud-based infrastructure and cloud-based applications. Of course, storage media like tape, still the most reliable and cost-effective storage type on the market today, continue to be an important tool, especially when archiving data that must be accessible long-term for compliance reasons.

With the move to the cloud, companies often face challenges in managing legacy data.. It simply doesn’t make sense to move all the data on your existing tapes to the cloud. You don’t want to do it for cost reasons, and your cloud provider likely doesn’t know how to move the data into their infrastructure. This is one place where the Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance Program can help.

With the Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance Program, a trusted partner manages your archival tape inventory and serves all your data restoration needs, allowing you to focus on your organization’s future. In particular, we will manage your legacy tapes and catalogs and maintain our own systems to read/restore the data, so you can decommission your older tape infrastructure and move on to new technology going forward.

The Restoration Assurance Program also proves helpful when companies merge or divest. You can end of life any backup systems you don’t want to manage as part of your portfolio and archive the legacy tape and tape catalogs with Iron Mountain. If you ever need access to the data, simply contact Iron Mountain, who will locate the tapes, restore the requested data and get it back to you in a format that fits your needs, such as an encrypted hard drive or secure FTP.

And then, of course, there’s the matter of e-discovery, which is a standard part of any legal issue an organization may face. Because litigation events are disruptive by nature, your IT department must allocate resources to service the event and, often, reduce the budget for other projects as a result. Iron Mountain’s Restoration Assurance Program also helps eliminate the need for IT to have expertise in special legal issues, such as chain of custody or spoliation.

As an added bonus, Iron Mountain helps you create a repeatable business process to quickly find the information legal needs due to a discovery event. We’ll even work directly with your legal department to service their requests so your IT department can focus on new technology, not on old tapes.

The Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance Program can help your company in a variety of ways, including:

  1. On-Time Delivery: Internal IT may not have the skills or resources to react quickly to data restoration events that compete with day to day operations. We provide you with the information you need, when you need it, with just a single phone call or email, helping you reduce timeframes and avoid fines.
  2. A Defensible, Reliable Recovery Process: We can provide a predictable data recovery process that will stand up to an audit or in court if needed. A defensible process helps your company create a clear chain of custody that proves your information has not been altered in any way.
  3. Reliable Compliance: With Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance Program, you can rest assured we will manage your tape archives and tape catalogs based on your compliance-based retention schedules and policies.
  4. Predictable Costs: No surprises, unplanned expenses or hidden costs. Restoration events are by nature unpredictable, and you need to understand the cost of data restoration to make informed decisions about whether to pursue litigation or settle a legal claim. The Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance Program takes the headache out of locating, restoring, and providing the data, so you can focus on making the business decisions that are right for your company.

For additional information about how you can get started with Iron Mountain Restoration Assurance Program, visit or contact Iron Mountain today.

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