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In 2015, Iron Mountain made news across our business and around the world, with great information management stories told about our employees, partners and customers. Without further ado, here’s a selection of some of our “greatest information management hits” of 2015.

A new partnership with Google

Earlier this year, Iron Mountain became a Google Cloud Platform Premier Services Partner, helping companies effectively and efficiently migrate their data to Google’s Cloud Storage Nearline, a low-cost, highly-durable storage service for data archiving, online backup and disaster recovery. As part of this launch, Google wanted to reach a wider market within the storage industry by partnering with leading companies including, Iron Mountain. This partnership enables Iron Mountain users to send in their hard drives and have them securely uploaded to Nearline.

A preservation project: The Papers of Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln FB

In April, around the 150th anniversary of President Lincoln’s death, Iron Mountain announced a partnership with The Papers of Abraham Lincoln, a project dedicated to identifying, imaging, transcribing, annotating and publishing all documents written by or to Abraham Lincoln during his lifetime. The project has located nearly two hundred thousand documents from his legal and legislative careers, his personal and political life, and his Presidency. As part of the partnership, Iron Mountain provided financial contributions and in-kind services, helping to support the Papers’ efforts to acquire, archive and preserve the documentary record of Lincoln’s life and career.

The state of data archives

In partnership with IDC, Iron Mountain released a study providing a comprehensive look at the state of data archives – namely how companies are managing long-term data and the impact it can have on the business value of their archives.  The study revealed that businesses fail to capture $10m+ in potential revenue due to poorly managed data archives. Of note, the results showed that businesses think they’re doing a good job of maximizing archives (76 percent), yet only 38 percent of businesses surveyed actually use their archives for business analysis.

The study also revealed that within an organization the lines blur when it comes to who’s responsible for managing data archives, and profit and workplace productivity suffer as a result. The underlying reason for this disconnect stems from a fundamental difference in roles and objectives between legal and compliance, and IT and lines of business.

To see the full results of the study, please visit:

Let’s talk about health IG

HC 2015

To wrap up Iron Mountain’s Predictions & Perspectives blog series on Healthcare IG Professional Readiness, Iron Mountain and co-hosts AHIMA and Nuance led an #InfoTalk Twitter Chat to unveil and discuss some of the key findings from the Cohasset | AHIMA Information Governance in Healthcare white paper. The conversation brought together leading industry experts– from healthcare and other industries – to discuss how health organizations are using the principles of IG, the IG disciplines that comprise HIM job responsibilities, and the tactics used to strengthen IG-related processes.

A preservation project: The Brandenburg Gate


This year marked the 25th anniversary of German Reunification. As part of its Living Legacy program and ongoing relationship with CyArk, Iron Mountain, in partnership with Seagate, announced it will provide end-to-end services for the capture, access and preservation of scanning data of one of Berlin’s most iconic monuments, the Brandenburg Gate.

Funding for the digital preservation of the Brandenburg Gate project was provided by Iron Mountain as part of its partnership with CyArk. The digital scans of the monument will be protected, preserved and archived in Iron Mountain’s highly-secure underground records and data storage facility in western Pennsylvania.

The first ever Information Value Index

PwC image

Iron Mountain and PwC surveyed 1,800 senior business leaders across a broad range of sectors in North America (US and Canada) and five European countries (France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK) to create a first of its kind Information Value Index that measures how well businesses in different countries currently manage their information for competitive advantage. The results of this research revealed that two-thirds of businesses are unable to make the most of their information – and a quarter derive no benefit at all. With an average score of 50.1 out of an ideal score of 100 (52.9 in North America and 47.3 in Europe), the index confirms that the vast majority of businesses ‒ regardless of size, geography or sector ‒ have a long way to go before they can fully realize the value from their information.

To see the full results of the research, please visit:

It’s been a great year and we’re excited for what’s ahead in 2016.

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