Space Recycling—Is it time to consider your Agency’s file room?

By: In: Information Management On: Sep 07, 2015
Space Recycling—Is it time to consider your Agency’s file room?

The Federal Government has 2.5 Billion square feet of space that is costing taxpayers $14.4 billion annually. Because some of this space is unused or not as efficiently used as possible, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has issued a “Reduce the Footprint” policy for agencies to review their current spaces for consolidation, elimination, and yes, for recycling. This mandate, calling for a reduction in real estate holdings in accordance with the National Strategy for Efficient Use of Real Property 2015-2020, asks agencies to aggressively pursue ways to reduce their physical footprint. This plan will include all real estate holdings and could include space currently used for records storage, like onsite agency file rooms.

Onsite file rooms often include closets, conference rooms and cubicles—all of which can be costly real estate. It may also be insecure or non-compliant with federal regulations. Since expensive space is no longer an option, the space used for records storage has to become part of the conversation.

Agencies that have already considered their file rooms for “recycling” have been able to repurpose that space into much needed office space, laboratory and research space and even rehabilitation facilities. And agencies that consider moving to offsite facilities have even reduced their square footage cost by as much as 75% while gaining the benefits of meeting federal regulations, improving records accessibility, and made the records easier to search, locate and review.

Learn more about real file room closure case studies for your agency at ARMA International.

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