Easy Records Management Saves Time

By: In: Small Business On: Sep 14, 2015
Easy Records Management Saves Time

If you’re a small-business owner, there’s a good chance you share a common flaw with your peers: wearing too many hats. A recent Wakefield Research survey of 500 small-business owners reveals that this is the bad habit they most wanted to shed, followed by missing vacations and poor work-life balance. Unfortunately, you can’t get a vendor to make you book that dream holiday or go work out. But thankfully, there are services that can help you lighten your load. Take, for example, the time-consuming responsibility of managing your paper-based or electronic information. You can pass this on to a trusted partner whose experts can make your life simpler. For easy records management, enlist an expert team to:

Lighten your data load. Due to advances in cloud technology, it’s easier than ever to store your electronic information offsite, while still enjoying constant access to whatever you need, when you need it. Look for a partner who offers high-level encryption, disaster recovery services and the kind of compliance smarts you need to stay in line with federal, state and industry regulations.

Organize your files. If records management is just one of the dozens of tasks you’ve assigned yourself, you can’t possibly give it the attention it deserves. Pass your information on to a partner who will not only come to your office to retrieve your paper files for offsite storage, but also catalogue them for easy access. A technologically savvy vendor should also provide convenient recall of your documents, whether through document imaging or a rapid-retrieval and delivery service.

Give you room to breathe. How many rooms in your headquarters have been taken over by sheets and scraps of outdated paper? Even one space is one too many – especially if you need that area for meetings or staff expansion. Search for a partner who can securely shred your unneeded documents in line with environmental and security concerns.

Obey the law. Of all the hats you wear, the records compliance cap can be the toughest fit. Seek a knowledgeable vendor who offers policy guidance; that way, you’ll be assured that your retention practices follow legal and industry regulations. After all, you don’t want to dispose of any documents before their time.

Of course, there are many responsibilities you can’t entrust to anyone other than yourself, which is all the more reason to unburden yourself of those you can. By engaging a partner to handle your data and records, you can alleviate stress and help your business run smoothly. And who knows? It may even free up time for a couple of vacation days as well.

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