Promoting Enterprise Collaboration – ARMA 2015

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Promoting Enterprise Collaboration – ARMA 2015

For the past 8 years, together with my good friend and colleague, April Dmytrenko, I’ve had the pleasure of co-producing the Fellows Forum at the Annual ARMA Conference. The Company of Fellows (FAI), established in 1990 , honors members of ARMA International who have distinguished themselves through outstanding achievements and contributions in records and information management as well as noteworthy accomplishments in all levels of the association. Currently there are 49 Fellows and I was fortunate enough to be initiated in 2003 as Fellow #34.  

The Fellows represent a wealth of knowledge about the industry and the profession as a whole, making them uniquely positioned to share insights with broad Conference audiences.  We’re thrilled to have seen this Fellows Forum Session gain so much popularity and continuously receive exceptional reviews. Over the past 8 years our panelists have addressed a wide spectrum of thorny issues from “Pushing Unconventional Change” to “Where To Start In The Management of E-Records”. Attendees are major contributors to the success of these sessions by sharing their experiences, challenging the panelists’ points of view and asking questions.  Everyone has a role in this collaborative experience and as a result, feels empowered with new perspectives upon leaving the session.

This years’ panel of 5 distinguished participants will be addressing the topic “Promoting Enterprise Collaboration”. Managing an organization’s information assets continues to be complex and implementing a successful Information Governance Program requires multiple disciplines to ensure effective practices. Understanding the motivations and perspectives of each stakeholder, along with how to leverage their expertise, is key. The most significant challenge is understanding how to communicate more effectively with these individuals to create a collaborative environment that drives change in the organization. The panel will  bring their extensive knowledge and experience in looking at the roles of Legal, Information Technology, RIM, Risk/Compliance, and Privacy and invite the audience to engage with them in this highly interactive discussion. Be sure to plan to attend, Monday, October 5th 3:30 – 5, Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center – National Harbor 2-3.  

Come challenge us – see you there!

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