Reflection on AIIM 2015: Information Maps for Information Insight

By: In: Information Management On: Mar 26, 2015
Reflection on AIIM 2015: Information Maps for Information Insight

On my flight home from the annual AIIM International conference last week, I reflected on the energy of the show, the networking, participative collaboration, knowledge sharing, problem solving, good people and good times. Then my mind wandered (as it often does) to thinking about information and the ways we can gain more control over it.

This made me think of the shell game; three walnut shells shuffling a pea about…that game. This vision came to my head; information is like that pesky little pea, it’s being shuffled around and we’re trying to figure out which shell it’s under. But we’re not sure it’s a pea, it could be a shiny gold ball that has a lot of value or a bit of recycled plastic worth nothing, or a beautiful marble that can be traded. But in today’s speed of business we don’t always know where the shells are, being the sources which generate, distribute and store information (the peas). If you can’t find the shells what chance do you have finding the pea?

So many records and information programs could benefit from better tracking of systems; where they are, what business purpose they serve and who is responsible for them. This high level insight starts to eliminate much of the guessing game; would you be better at playing thimblerig with transparent shells? An up to date information map helps create the transparency you need to change your game and start to actively govern across the information lifecycle.

One reason I spoke at AIIM was to share a first-hand experience that for me was profound. Information professionals face many complex challenges, often making it difficult to know where to focus or sometimes even where to begin. Yet there are some simple and basic things we can do that can greatly improve our position in the game. I believe an information map is one of them.

Thanks for a great show! Looking forward to AIIM16!

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