Records management best practices: In 140 characters or less

By: In: Information Management On: Oct 04, 2016
Records management best practices: In 140 characters or less

Records management is a complicated job. RIM professional work hard every day to take their company’s “R” and “I” and “M” the heck out it. So we took to Twitter and asked attendees at this year’s ARMA Live! Conference, “What are you doing to “M” or “manage” the heck out of your records and information?” Here’s a recap – in 140 characters or less – of records management best practices and tips from your #ARMA2016 peers.

  •  Get buy-in before implementing. #mtheheckoutofit
    – @cricket1940 
  •  Make sure you have an executive sponsor. #mtheheckoutofit
    – @vin135 
  •   Nothing is forever in records #mtheheckoutofit
    – @liv2lovKAT 
  • Manage your records now or they will manage you later! #mtheheckoutofit
    – @ticklemejesus2 
  • Connect your policy to your content. #mtheheckoutofit
    – @JasonStigora 
  • Imperative to get a sponsor or voice out of your executive leadership to support records! #mtheheckoutofit
    – @tslickb 
  • Get rid of the ROT (redundant, obsolete, trivial)#mtheheckoutofit
    – @AllenPodraza 
  • Make a template w/ a footer to encourage business users to add all the details they need for their unstructured content. #mtheheckoutofit
    – @zz_jess 
  • Educate employees re: RIM and make it easy for them to comply. #mtheheckoutofit
    – @msvanallen 
  • #DataMapping for #BigData: reduce, reuse, recycle. #mtheheckoutit
    – @BRGexpert 
  • Make sure to double-check the inventory list prior to transfer. #mtheheckoutofit
    – @GracieAnn1969 
  • #mtheheckoutofit: Remember the 4 Ds of email #DeferIt, #DelegateIt, #DoIt, #DeleteIt
    – @ElmoreAllison 
  • RIM pros can contribute to #DataAnalytics in meaningful ways by #mtheheckoutofit data and records
    – @Sue_Trombley 
  • Surround yourself w a talented team, where no one thinks they’re better than the others. #mtheheckoutofit #teamwork @DaraTorres
    – @IronMountainRM 
  • #mtheheckoutofit #DataAnalytics: Help make sure privacy requirements are understood and honored
    – @Sue_Trombley 
  • Evolve your RIM skills to help your org achieve objectives related to #security, #privacy, #compliance. #mtheheckoutofit
    – @SamanthaLofton 
  • Sr. leaders are looking for information management pros who can speak different languages of co.: #IT, legal, #InfoSecurity #mtheheckoutofit
    – @Phil_Guenther 
  • Keep the least amount of private information that you can and make sure it is accurate and timely. #mtheheckoutofit
    – @TeresaSchoch 
  • Make RIM a priority in lean times: Demonstrate how applying more rigor to processes will save money. #mtheheckoutofit
    – Susan Cisco @GimmalGroup

For more insight into timely records and information management topics, including data analytics, legal matter mobility and data privacy, listen to this series of podcasts with some of the #ARMA2016 speakers.

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