Do Your Print and Fulfillment Inefficiencies Have You Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

By: In: Marketing Production and Fulfillment On: Nov 08, 2016
Do Your Print and Fulfillment Inefficiencies Have You Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

In business, you often find yourself pulled in different directions by conflicting demands. Maybe you’re trying to make your messaging more personal while simultaneously reducing print and fulfillment costs. Or you’ve increased print quantities to reduce per-piece prices, but end up with excess materials sitting unused in a warehouse.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a live and accurate view of your business communications needs? One that’s data-driven and accompanied by a seamlessly integrated print management and fulfillment and distribution solution that makes every dollar of your budget more productive?

As it happens, you can.

Iron Mountain Can Help You Get More from Your Business Communications

With more than 45 years in the industry, Iron Mountain knows how to get our clients’ materials to audiences quickly and cost-effectively. But, while pick-and-pack remains one of our core services, we offer much more, including:

  • Custom Kitting and Booklets – Pre-assemble standard kits and booklets or customize them on demand using our web-based kitting application. Combine offset and digitally printed pages and add three-dimensional items. We assemble and ship your completed kits quickly and accurately.
  • Print Management Solution – A turnkey solution that covers all phases of your print projects, from procurement through pre-press, production, warehousing and distribution. We help you determine ideal reorder points and quantities, as well as the best reproduction methods for each piece in your inventory.
  • Warehousing and Online Inventory Management – Place and track orders; get real-time inventory levels; set reorder points; automatically convert to print-on-demand or electronic distribution when physical items are out of stock; control user and distribution parameters; put limits on order quantities; set alerts and reminders; generate standard or ad-hoc reports; create or customize content; build kits; automate repetitive compliance tasks, and more.
  • Design-On- Demand – Add personalization for true one-to-one communications. Built-in rules protect your company’s brand standards and ensure that your materials comply with applicable regulations.
  • Print-On- Demand – Technology that lets you cost-effectively produce personalized materials or short print runs when you actually need those materials, reducing storage costs and eliminating obsolescence.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The fact is, the business world is becoming more competitive every day. That means demands to increase productivity and do more with less are only going to grow. It’s the proverbial “rock and a hard place.”

To succeed and thrive in this environment, you need to focus on your core business operations and choose a top-notch partner to handle critical functions like fulfillment and print management. Download our solution brief, Make Your Business Communications More Productive, to see how we can help you solve your print and fulfillment services inefficiencies.

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