On-Demand Webinar: New SaaS Governance Risk and Compliance Solutions to Old Business Problems

By: In: Technology Escrow On: Apr 19, 2016
On-Demand Webinar:  New SaaS Governance Risk and Compliance Solutions to Old Business Problems

Analyst firm Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) sees a growing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) need in today’s market brought forward by the event of the cloud era.

Enterprise customers large and small are moving workloads to the cloud.  They’re building new software systems – commonly called native cloud applications or systems of engagement applications – that further expand the footprint of enterprise software and typically wind up hosted on cloud environments.

This on-demand webinar, hosted by TBR, invites speakers from Iron Mountain and NEC to discuss some of the new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions for GRC and illustrates this with a customer success story. During the webinar, you’ll hear how Acuity Management Solutions teams up with Iron Mountain and NEC to assemble a creative escrow solution capability to address GRC in a native cloud world.

As an escrow agent, Iron Mountain has been asked to assist thousands of customers to overcome the risk objection to doing business with technology escrow arrangements. We do this by addressing the potential risk concerns the buyer will have with the seller and alleviating those concerns. In this webinar, you’ll see how SaaS ups the ante, and how Iron Mountain and NEC have responded. Essentially, SaaS is different because he stakes are higher – with SaaS, both your application and data reside in the cloud.

With Acuity, NEC and Iron Mountain had the opportunity to step back and design a solution that addresses the new demands of SaaS and the specific needs of Acuity.  We quickly realized that the solution we developed was fundamentally new to the industry and addressed new areas of business continuity in the cloud service era.

Join us to hear about this forward-thinking, logical approach to addressing rapidly evolving GRC issues within the cloud, and learn how you can structure a SaaS escrow agreement framework that meets your specific needs.

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