Are You Looking for Custom Kitting Solutions? Then Look No Further…

By: In: Marketing Production and Fulfillment On: Apr 10, 2017
Are You Looking for Custom Kitting Solutions? Then Look No Further…

Custom kitting can be viewed as the process by which your business “touches” prospects, customers and others who make your business successful. Custom kitting is a key component of an effective fulfillment program. And here is one reason why:

You and your team just got back from a trade show and it was a huge success. Lots of people stopped at your booth, wanting to know more about your products and services. Some of them picked up printed collateral at the show, but you want to nurture these precious leads with fast follow up. Now is the time to send out literature and/or samples relevant to their needs and interests.

You could do the kitting yourself by just stuffing the appropriate pieces into a plain manila envelope and pop that in the mail. But wouldn’t it make a better impression if you packaged your materials in a personalized pocket folder? Or perhaps a spiral or perfect-bound booklet, so nothing can get misplaced? Then ship it all in a specially designed envelope with teaser copy?

Custom Kitting goes beyond the scenario above. Kitting can be used for many more business strategies such as:

  • Benefits booklets and enrollment forms
  • Instructional packets and training materials
  • Demonstration, display and point-of-purchase materials
  • Recruiting materials and employment applications
  • Product samples
  • Dealer and franchisee supplies
  • Media and investor documents
  • Promotional items/literature
  • And more.

With the use of an online inventory management system, building and ordering custom kits is easy. You can assemble your kit or booklet in minutes by selecting components from your digital library including the order of the items in the kit and the packaging. You can also use digital printing if you want to create a more personalized kit. Simply indicate the quantity you need, upload your mailing list, and your fulfillment partner does the rest.

On the other hand, if you deliver the same content to large numbers of recipients, for example; recruiting fairs or new employee training sessions, it makes good sense to pre-assemble your kits, assign them a unique SKU and store them in your fulfillment partner’s warehouse until needed. This allows you to order kits more easily (one SKU/item versus many), makes accounting and chargebacks easier, speeds shipping (kits are already complete), and is more cost effective because the assembly is done in concentrated, dedicated blocks of time, rather than one kit at a time.

Partner With an Experienced Fulfillment Provider

Custom kitting can be a valuable part of almost any marketing and business communication strategy. But it’s important to choose a fulfillment provider with the experience, technology and dedicated staff to do the job right. A few key questions to consider:

  • Can you handle all kinds of kitting – literature, point-of-purchase displays, demo materials, product samples and more?
  • Do you offer digital printing so I can personalize materials?
  • Do you have service guarantees?
  • Are your services scalable? Can you handle a sudden increase in order volume?
  • Do your systems provide real-time order and inventory data?
  • Will I have a dedicated point of contact for my account?
  • Can you customize your system to meet our needs?

Want to learn more about custom kitting? Please contact Iron Mountain Fulfillment Services or you can schedule an online demo with one of our experienced fulfillment specialists.

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