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Amy Perras Amy Perras
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Records Management & Technology Services

Amy is senior product marketing manager for Iron Mountain’s records management and technology services. Over the past nine years, Amy has held positions with Iron Mountain’s IT, operations, corporate communications and sales & marketing divisions. As senior product marketing manager, Amy’s focus is on the core messaging and creative marketing for Iron Mountain’s biggest business: records management. Most recently, she passed the Juran Institute Lean Six Sigma BlackBelt exam and was a leader of a business process improvement team focused on reducing the cycle time for customer on-boarding.
How can procurement help an organization master information risk?

There is a tendency for discussions about information risk to focus exclusively on the dangers organizations find themselves exposed to and potential disasters they need to avoid. While it is critical these issues are addressed, they are only part of the story. There are huge business benefits to be gained […]

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Why is procurement so critical to minimizing information risk?

In today’s business environment, no organization can afford to ignore information risk. The consequences of an information related catastrophe, whether it’s a malicious attack, a natural disaster or a simple employee error, can be enormous. Six figure fines, loss of reputation, potential lawsuits… the costs are frequently counted in millions […]

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Trends in information management: Introducing the first PwC and Iron Mountain Information Value Index

What do the Green Bay Packers, Happy Birthday to You, Jack Daniels and Straight Outta Compton have in common? They all reached the top of the most searched terms list on Google’s trends charts from August 2015. Google tracks what users around the globe search for and then compiles lists […]

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Get Pumped for ARMA 59th Annual Conference & Expo!   They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What do they say then about a selfie? Whatever it is, selfie’s are more than a trend. Kim Kardashian pioneered it, but the world is adopting it. Everyone wants to show […]

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Managing paper records only is not enough for companies. Today, given Big Data and the exponential growth of electronic records from a myriad of sources, organizations need to focus on various records and information management processes. The following infographic, compiling data from our Compliance Benchmark Report, goes into detail on […]

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