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Cengiz Satir Cengiz Satir
Cengiz Satir is vice president of global solutions for Iron Mountain. He has more than 23 years of experience in the software industry having worked in the IT arena on both the customer and software vendor side. Most recently, Cengiz worked for IBM, leading their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) products and strategy. He is also actively involved in the ECM community, blogging and writing for AIIM, Data Magazine and others, as well as speaking at various industry events. Satir also serves as an executive board member for AIIM International.

We are starting on a journey to information governance (IG).  We have spent the last decade in eDiscovery wars, seeking out best practices through a variety of technologies. Now, with guidance from groups like the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), ARMA, Iron Mountain’s Law Firm IG symposium and the Sedona Conference, […]

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