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John Boruvka John Boruvka
John Boruvka, vice president for Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management business unit, has been involved in the technology escrow and intellectual property management field for more than 25 years. His focus is helping companies create solutions relating to protecting intellectual property assets.

Mr. Boruvka is considered an authority in the field of technology escrow and issues surrounding the role of a neutral third party in helping protect and manage intellectual property.

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Intellectual Property 101: How to Leverage Intangible Value

I recently had the pleasure of presenting on the basics of Intellectual Property (IP) and how to leverage IP assets along with industry colleague Mary Juetten, CEO of Traklight. I thought I’d share some of the highlights of the CPA Academy webinar presentation, and a link to the webinar replay […]

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How do you Stack Up to your Peers in terms of Protecting Software Assets?

  That’s what we intend to find out. This month, Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management (IPM) group is teaming up with the International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) to survey the organization’s members. IACCM’s nearly 40,000 members come from many industries and geographies, and include contract and commercial […]

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On-Demand Webinar:  New SaaS Governance Risk and Compliance Solutions to Old Business Problems

Analyst firm Technology Business Research, Inc. (TBR) sees a growing governance, risk and compliance (GRC) need in today’s market brought forward by the event of the cloud era. Enterprise customers large and small are moving workloads to the cloud.  They’re building new software systems – commonly called native cloud applications […]

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Is Shadow IT undermining your Technology Protection Strategies?

The term “Shadow IT” refers to IT devices, software and services outside the ownership or control of IT organizations. And, although the terminology makes it sound kind of “shadowy” or illicit in nature, Shadow IT has grown out of necessity. With the advent of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications and the increasing […]

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As VC Funding for Startups Falls, how can CIOs and Software Developers Hedge against Risk?

With funding for venture capital (VC)-funded startups falling sharply at the fourth quarter, enterprise CIOs may be rethinking partnering with startup companies. The recent Wall Street Journal article, CIOs May Reconsider Startup Strategy as VC Funding Falls Sharply, outlines risks that CIOs take when they rely on startups for innovative […]

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