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John Boruvka John Boruvka
John Boruvka, vice president for Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management business unit, has been involved in the technology escrow and intellectual property management field for more than 25 years. His focus is helping companies create solutions relating to protecting intellectual property assets.

Mr. Boruvka is considered an authority in the field of technology escrow and issues surrounding the role of a neutral third party in helping protect and manage intellectual property.

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Technology Escrow
Don’t Procrastinate! Get that Technology Escrow Agreement signed now!

So, believe it or not, we’re well into the new year. Perhaps, you had a little extra budget at the end of last year and licensed some new software … As often happens, with the rush of getting things done, planning for contingencies just never happened. Well, don’t worry – […]

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In their own words:  Three Customers Explain Why Technology Escrow is Essential

    Technology escrow can often be hard to explain. What is it exactly? Who uses it? What are the benefits? Our customers tell the story best in their own words. Here are summaries of three of our recent customer case studies – each uses technology escrow differently, but each […]

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Are Millennials less Litigious?

Trends from Three Decades of Technology Escrow Releases At Iron Mountain, we’ve recently conducted a project to examine three decades of data from technology escrow releases, and we’ve uncovered some interesting trends. We’ll share this data, and what we think is driving the trends, but first … a quick overview […]

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IPDPA: The Swiss Army® Knife of Intellectual Property Protection

Your business relies on your intellectual property (IP) assets to remain competitive in the marketplace, so it’s essential that you protect against theft and illegal use of your IP. Your company likely already has trade secrets, copyrights, trademarks, or patents in place, but sometimes you need more. Enter IPDPA. What? […]

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On-Demand Webinar: What Contract Risks are hiding in the Cloud?

Eight out of every 10 new applications are being built for the cloud. So, as your organization moves forward with contracting, how can you ensure that your applications and data are protected? Unlike on-premises software, your application and data both reside in the cloud with Software as a Service, or […]

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