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Joe Schloesser Joe Schloesser
Joe Schloesser is a Director for Iron Mountain’s Data Management business, leading sales and account management efforts in the Enterprise and mid-market segments. Joe spends a considerable portion of his time interacting with customers as well as supporting Iron Mountain’s emerging solutions. Previous to Iron Mountain, Joe was a Regional Vice President at Countrywide Financial.

Joe has a BS from Boston University and is currently completing his MBA at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
Data Centers
Riders of the Storm – 5 Tips for Managing Your Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan

Late August marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a Category 5 storm that ravaged the United States Gulf Coast.  Businesses in the area are still recovering and many never re-opened.  Recently, there was an explosion in downtown Los Angeles, resulting in significant downtime to data center operations.  And for […]

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Is Your Corporate Data Center Comatose?

The trend to lease data center space with a colocation provider instead of building your own in-house corporate data center facility isn’t new; however, the reasons to make the move continue to gather speed. Drivers such as reduced costs, improved efficiencies, aging workforces, increased compliance needs and more attractive opex models […]

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Thinking in Terms of People and Dates: a Corporate Counsel POV

Every enterprise faces ligitation requiring data recovery at some point. Corporate counsel and IT departments must work together to ensure requirements are met on-time and on-budget.

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Trapped in a Bad (Data) Relationship?

Have you ever been in a relationship in which you simply couldn’t cut ties? A bad data relationship can't be undone, but it can be amended by opting for an effective data restoration assurance program.

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