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Lisa De Luca Lisa De Luca
As Director of Federal Product and Solutions Marketing, Lisa De Luca’s focus is on content and thought leadership programs that cater to the unique needs of the federal government. She has joined Iron Mountain with over 17 years of marketing experience in various positions for System Integrators, Resellers, and IT Manufacturing and Services companies serving Public Sector customers. Her knowledge of enterprise systems, Cloud services and IT lifecycle management benefits Records Management customers in discussions on redefining efficiencies around integration of digital and paper records management to better serve citizens and drive a more open Government.
Building a Framework for the Future of Federal Information Management

The information landscape is constantly changing, especially for government. Federal records are no longer limited to file cabinets full of paper documents. They are now much more fluid, residing across a variety of platforms and technologies that the government utilizes to do business. From digital documents, to emails, to social […]

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Closing the Gap

Empowering Federal Professionals with Next-Generation Information Management Skills As anybody who has been paying attention to federal headlines or budgets can tell you, the government is making major pushes to update its cybersecurity positioning. And for good reason – both the frequency and severity of cyberattacks are growing by the […]

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Identifying and addressing the burgeoning skills gap issue The federal government is racing to close high-risk skills gaps that too often present barriers to the cost-effective and optimized delivery of citizen services and mission-critical operations. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has included growing skills gaps under the Strategic Human Capital Management category […]

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