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Michelle Urban Michelle Urban
Michelle Urban is responsible for the product management and marketing of laboratory storage and workflow management solutions at Iron Mountain. She owns the development of specimen storage solutions from inception to execution, including market research and analysis, customer education and engagement, and go to market program development.

In her previous role, Product Marketing Manager, Health Information Management, Michelle partnered with Linda Kloss, Founder of Kloss Strategic Advisors, to develop “Redefining the Role of Health Information Management in the New World of Information Governance,” a whitepaper that gained widespread popularity throughout the healthcare industry and even earned a coveted featured spot at the AHIMA National Conference 2014.

Michelle earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Arcadia University and remains active in her local community through the Philadelphia Field Hockey Association (PFHA).

She blogs on Health Information Management, Information Governance, Workflow Optimization, HIPAA Compliance, Specimen Storage, Good Laboratory Practices and BioRepositories.

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A recent study conducted by G-2 Intelligence set out to provide a better understanding of the deficiencies, and advantages of current storage practices as well as the perceptions of in-house storage alternatives, such as slide and block specimen storage outsourcing. Ironically, the most interesting discovery in this paper wasn’t based […]

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3 Specimen Storage Challenges Coming to a Head

Iit's not surprising that few organizations focus on the re-evaluation or re-engineering of foundational underlying processes, such as specimen storage.

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Reimbursement cuts and the heavy resource burdens that accompany healthcare reform mandates, are forcing labs to re-evaluate how they do business.  Many labs have shifted to focus on core lab capabilities while outsourcing less routine or less profitable tests.  However, a less widely explored but equally critical component in conquering […]

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Establishing clear standards for specimen storage and a strategic plan for the integration of laboratory test results into the unified patient record...

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In order to survive in these competitive, cost conscious times, labs must be willing to pro-actively peel away the layers and logic surrounding legacy proc

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