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Nadine Dias Nadine Dias
Nadine Dias joined Iron Mountain as a Marketing Specialist for the Intellectual Property Management (IPM) team. In this role, she works closely with the IPM Sales team to educate the market about the importance of protecting your IP in terms of technology escrow (and verification), cloud software protection, discovery escrow in IP litigation, and financial SEC /CFTC compliance. Nadine holds a Masters of Science in Marketing Analytics with a concentration in Business Analytics as well as Bachelors of Science in Marketing from Bentley University.
Technology Escrow
A Licensee’s Guide to Technology Escrow [Free eBook]

Investing in technology is not a decision that is made lightly. In today’s technology-driven world, companies are competing to be the best of the best and they are using technology to speed up business processes, innovate, and/or give them a competitive advantage. Choosing a new technology developer should be based […]

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Brexit Increases Risk for Technology Companies: What You Need to think about Now

What does Brexit mean for the UK tech industry? Well, for starters, 90% of UK technology founders were against leaving the EU. Both tech developers in the UK, and those doing business with UK developers, will face added risk with the UK’s plan to withdraw from the European Union. At […]

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I’m a Developer- Do I Need Technology Escrow?

Although I would love to tell you that all of your technology should be placed in escrow, that just isn’t the case. It is not necessary for every piece of technology you develop to be put into an escrow account. So how do you know what technology qualifies to be […]

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A Developer’s Guide to Technology Escrow [Free eBook]

  Don’t let the term “Technology Escrow” scare you off just because it’s something you’ve not heard of before. I’ve decided to let you in on the secret and break it down for you quickly and easily. As a Developer, you typically look into escrow after your customer brings it up […]

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What the Verizon Enterprise Cloud 2016 Report is Missing

When the State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016 report first came out I was excited to see the research they pulled together. Verizon is a very credible company in the technology industry, coupled with the use of Forrester, Gartner, and IDC research this report is one of a kind! […]

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