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Phil Guenther is a Senior Consultant in Iron Mountain’s Consulting Practice. Phil joined Iron Mountain in 2013 after spending several years in the Pharma industry as a Records Manager. Phil’s experience as a RIM practitioner helps him relate to his clients, and his legal background helps round out the unique perspective he brings to his job. Phil’s role at Iron Mountain includes building retention schedules, performing RIM program assessments, creating policies and procedures, and training. Phil is an active member of the ARMA Charlotte Chapter, and Website Director for the ARMA Boston Chapter.
The Devil is in the Details: Why a professional opinion is a key component of a global retention schedule

Chances are if you’re reading this article, you already understand the importance of a retention schedule. You probably even have a good grasp of the various types of legal requirements that govern your industry. But is that enough? How confident are you that your retention schedule not only encompasses the […]

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Use the Remaining Weeks of Summer to Get Ahead

If you are like most RIM Professionals, the summer months offer a slower pace due to obligations in and out of the office. You may find yourself trying to stay motivated and productive. Here are a few suggestions that will not only help pass the time during the remaining weeks […]

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