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Sue Trombley Sue Trombley
Sue Trombley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Iron Mountain, has more than 25 years of information governance consulting experience. Prior to her current role, Trombley led Iron Mountain’s Consulting group responsible for business development, managing a team of subject matter experts, and running large engagements. Trombley holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and recently was certified as an Information Government Professional. She sits on the AIIM Board, the University of Texas at Austin of School of Information Advisory Council, and is President of the Boston ARMA Chapter. She is Iron Mountain’s representative on the newly formed Information Governance Initiative and is frequent speaker at association events.
Look Around, Look Around

The 2nd blog in the Healthcare Predictions & Perspectives blog series. This blog series is focused on healthcare transformational strategies that are enabled through Health IT and Health Information Governance best practices. To kick off the New Year, I wrote a blog with the purpose of spurring the records and […]

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Next Gen IM Pro:  It’s Time To Get Out Of The Basement and Into The Field

I recently laughed my way through Melissa McCarthy’s movie, “Spy.”   As the show begins, Melissa’s character is tucked away in a vermin-ridden basement controlling with her wits, training and use of technology how her Bond-like counterpart conducts a critical mission.  There is no doubt that she is the brains behind […]

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2016 The Year of Innovation and Transformation

I kicked off 2016 seeing the smash hit Broadway musical “Hamilton”,  an inspirational production about a brilliant human being, his fellow revolutionaries and founding fathers, and the women who supported him.  The show breathes life into dusty history book personages through innovative use of rap, hip hop, and rhythm and […]

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We’ve been dependent on paper for over 2000 years so it isn’t hard to understand why “breaking up” with it is hard to do. But for organizations, public or private, big or small, there are proven advantages for transferring dependency to electronic formats, primarily to enhance productivity, accessibility and compliance. […]

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Leverage ARMA for trAnsfoRMAtion!

I’m a word puzzle fanatic who rarely misses Will Shortz’s Weekend Edition Puzzle segment Sunday mornings on NPR. Therefore, I am really excited (in an admittedly nerdy way!) that nestled within the word “transformation” we can find ARMA. I take this as a clue that we need to leverage this […]

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