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Iron Mountain Data Center experts discuss the latest trends in data center colocation. Discover how you can leverage our trusted brand to deliver the security, compliance and robust services you need for your data center deployment.

Riders of the Storm – 5 Tips for Managing Your Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan

Late August marked the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, a Category 5 storm that ravaged the United States Gulf Coast.  Businesses in the area are still recovering and many never re-opened.  Recently, there was an explosion in downtown Los Angeles, resulting in significant downtime to data center operations.  And for […]

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Next Generation Data Center Services: Security, Control, Growth

Whether it's security, compliance or control, IT professionals have the same concerns when it comes to outsourcing their data center services.

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Is Your Corporate Data Center Comatose?

The trend to lease data center space with a colocation provider instead of building your own in-house corporate data center facility isn’t new; however, the reasons to make the move continue to gather speed. Drivers such as reduced costs, improved efficiencies, aging workforces, increased compliance needs and more attractive opex models […]

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Is Your Data Center Protected from EMP Threats?

What is EMP (electromagnetic pulse)? An EMP (electromagnetic pulse) is a sudden burst of high-energy electromagnetic radiation generated by solar storms or high-altitude nuclear blasts. The damaging current and extremely high voltage surges can result in the complete destruction of data processing and storage systems. What is the risk of […]

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Federal Data Center Consolidation and the Case for Colocation

The federal government can benefit greatly from data center colocation. Partners such as Iron Mountain can help reduce the cost of data center operations while promoting Green IT, enhancing security, and accelerating the transition to the cloud.

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