Small Business

Iron Mountain’s Small Business experts discuss data management and security for small businesses. Learn more about records management, small business data backup and the best practices for protecting and accessing your business’ documents.

Easy Records Management Saves Time

If you’re a small-business owner, there’s a good chance you share a common flaw with your peers: wearing too many hats. A recent Wakefield Research survey of 500 small-business owners reveals that this is the bad habit they most wanted to shed, followed by missing vacations and poor work-life balance. Unfortunately, […]

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Five Great Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Data Breaches

When cybercriminals struck some of the biggest of the big box retailers last year, news of the data breaches was hard to miss. Maybe it was all those zeroes: millions of credit card numbers compromised. Tens of millions of customers affected. Billions of dollars in estimated damages. And hackers aren’t […]

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Let’s Go to the Tape: How to Anticipate Discovery Requests

  Do you remember what you had for lunch last Tuesday? And exactly which documents did you sign on July 15, 2004? While the answer to the first question may be trivial, the answer to the second is not—especially if it’s posed during a lawsuit and the opposing counsel wants […]

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Make It an Endless Summer: Year-Round Strategies for Seasonal Businesses

Did you stand on a long frozen-yogurt line over the July 4th weekend? If you were shopping for an Uncle Sam outfit, you were probably able to drive right up to the costume store because it only has a line in late October. Such are the vastly disparate revenues of […]

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When You’re Talking Data Storage, Media Matters

You probably wouldn’t think your organization could have anything in common with the operations of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), a particle accelerator in Switzerland with a circumference of more than 17 miles. But it most likely does. Since it first opened in 2008, scientists have been using the accelerator […]

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