Technology Escrow

Iron Mountain experts discuss protecting your business’ vital assets through software escrow. Find out more about comprehensive asset verification and testing, collateral escrow and registrar data escrow protection.

As VC Funding for Startups Falls, how can CIOs and Software Developers Hedge against Risk?

With funding for venture capital (VC)-funded startups falling sharply at the fourth quarter, enterprise CIOs may be rethinking partnering with startup companies. The recent Wall Street Journal article, CIOs May Reconsider Startup Strategy as VC Funding Falls Sharply, outlines risks that CIOs take when they rely on startups for innovative […]

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Don’t Procrastinate! Get that Technology Escrow Agreement signed now!

So, believe it or not, we’re well into the new year. Perhaps, you had a little extra budget at the end of last year and licensed some new software … As often happens, with the rush of getting things done, planning for contingencies just never happened. Well, don’t worry – […]

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In their own words:  Three Customers Explain Why Technology Escrow is Essential

    Technology escrow can often be hard to explain. What is it exactly? Who uses it? What are the benefits? Our customers tell the story best in their own words. Here are summaries of three of our recent customer case studies – each uses technology escrow differently, but each […]

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Are Millennials less Litigious?

Trends from Three Decades of Technology Escrow Releases At Iron Mountain, we’ve recently conducted a project to examine three decades of data from technology escrow releases, and we’ve uncovered some interesting trends. We’ll share this data, and what we think is driving the trends, but first … a quick overview […]

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What the Verizon Enterprise Cloud 2016 Report is Missing

When the State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016 report first came out I was excited to see the research they pulled together. Verizon is a very credible company in the technology industry, coupled with the use of Forrester, Gartner, and IDC research this report is one of a kind! […]

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